D’Anca’s Auto Collision, Auto Body and Classic Car Restorations in Palm Springs considers its greatest pleasure to be the complete restoration of beautiful and timeless classic automobiles. After all, what is more thrilling than restoring one of the time honored and culturally unique, classic automobiles to its original pristine condition? These are the cars that stop traffic and attract envious stares anytime they cruise down Palm Canyon Boulevard or show at one of the many Classic Car Cruises or Hot August Nights competitions held annually across the nation.

Fortunately for all of us, the Coachella Valley is filled with classic car buffs. The elegance and historically rich reputation of each of these spectacular vehicles is not lost on any one of us. Here at D’Anca’s we have elevated classic car restoration to a precise art and science that thrills our customers and does our staff proud. Vehicle restoration is the process of taking a used vehicle and reconditioning it to “like new” condition. We make every effort to be as authentic as possible, preserving the historical aspects of the vehicle’s components and assembly.

Our customers have been coming to us since 1985 because they know we take restoration seriously. Proper restoration not only involves the repair of the parts everyone can see such as the body, trim, and wheels but also the many components that are not visible, including the engine and engine compartment as well as all the ancillary parts. Our restoration process goes deeper than mere aesthetics and involves achieving top performance from virtually every part of every vehicle regardless of how small or seemingly insignificant that part may be.

We understand that entrusting your pride and joy to someone for a ground-up restoration is not undertaken lightly and we strive to earn your confidence and trust at every level of the work. If at any time you are not absolutely delighted with our progress, we are more than happy to accommodate your suggestions and directions. There is a good reason why we are known as the top restoration facility in Palm Springs. Come in for a sit-down consultation and let us know how we can make you our lifelong customer.